Care for the eldery and the digital hostess

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A friendly "lady" welcomes you when you enter the nursing home. In an instant she points the way to the reception, the different departments as well as the restaurant. You are also presented with the latest news together with an overview of the actual events for the residents. Waiting at the reception she tells about the nursing home and the progressive characteristics on the nursing program.


What is the added value of Digital Signage in the eldery care? Is placing digital displays a 'nice to have' or does it serve a real function? 

Conversations with managing directors and other staff members disclose serveral areas Digital Signage prove valuable.

"The attention value of messages delivered on screens are higher compared to list them on a poster or card board. The readability of messages is notably better. By accompanying the messages with an appealing image such as a National Geographic picture of the day or another visual attractive video the message itself stands out. The residents feel more involved with the activities and activities are visited more frequent.“


A resident walks by and is informed by the ‘hostess’ regards a social music event which is organized that same day where all residents are welcomed. After a difficult time this is a welcome distraction. Meanwhile the ‘hostess’ shows historic images of the neighborhood. Two elderly men have taken a seat and bring up old memories.


"We also utilize the recruiting function gained through the displays. We publish images and information about what activities we do together with residents where images say more than words. This gives visitors a feel of the dynamic we have with residents which attracts notably more residents.”

"Not to underestimate the influence on our staff. The quality of our care is of crucial importance to our organization. Keeping each other sharp, meeting agreements and keeping each other up-to-date in a modern way. On strategic points we have displays specifically targeted to serve the information needs of our staff. We use these displays to distribute important notes and guidelines and position our results. This ensures personnel is kept up-to-date, increases the sense of involvement and translates in lower absenteeism and reach our main objective constant improvement of the care we deliver.”


Not far away, but invisible to residents and visitors, the “hostess” provides tips to staff on how to make the hard job as pleasant as possible. Personnel that is about to leave is advised to take an umbrella because it is about to shower. The “hostess” is valued and proves to be a reliable source of necessary information.


Digital Signage establishes multiple functions and strengths internal communication. Information on displays stands out more and is more sticky. The quality of displays available on the market today also enhance the readability of information. Communication through displays is a binding factor. Employees and residents are emotionally more connected to the elderly home where attractive and actual information is structurally delivered.


On my way to the department of my parents the digital “hostess” warns me the contagious Novovirus is around. The residents are doing well but as precaution visitors cannot be received. As a relief to this unpleasant note a cup of coffee or tea is offered at the bistro. The “hostess” showcases appealing lunchmenu’s and I let myself get seduced to settle for a delicious lunch at the bistro. Handy, after touching the display at the bistro information regards to the ingredients and allergic information is shown.


Screen-Editor from EyeSystems offers a stable platform to help you accomplish all your communication objectives through digital signage. The right information, on the right moment at the right place offers unparalleled possibilities beyond traditional media channels. Easy to manage with the ability to have other employees, departments or even a different company such as a local hairdresser to control specific sections of content. Combined with a fast amount of options to connect to data sources providing relevant actual data makes Screen-Editor the perfect instrument to accommodate a wide range of communication needs of your care organization.


After a good lunch it is time to move ahead to my next appointment. At the exit the “hostess” quickly informs me regards the actual traffic information and changes on the local public transportation. On the news section the headline comes in the department where my parents live are reopened for visitors next week. Outside the air already cleared and the sun came out. I think by myself it is organized well in here.


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